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Nancy Pelosi, the newly reappointed Speaker of the House, has another brilliant reason for why a wall structure on our southern border with Mexico won’t work. In a closed-door meeting, Pelosi was reportedly fixated on the idea that the people trying to get into the U.S. illegally will simply tunnel under it.

Yeah, okay. I’m not sure what Nancy thinks our border patrol is doing along our borders that would prevent them from noticing such a thing, if not right away, then eventually. Between aerial surveillance, on-the-ground patroling, and seismic monitoring, the idea that our border patrolmen and women are some sorts of Keystone cops is laughable.

Thankfully, one Republican freshman House member, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, called Pelosi’s imaginings of tunnel-diggers out.

Dan Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye when an IED exploded under him.

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Crenshaw tweeted,

“Ah yes, the tunnel myth. Because it’s so easy to build tunnels. No one would ever notice. Might as well just do nothing, now that the tunneling option has been exposed. Can we have a serious conversation now? That’d be great.”

Maybe Nancy doesn’t know that tunnels take a long time to build, particularly if you’re not using explosives to avoid detection.

The first drug tunnel on the U.S.-Canadian border was discovered in 2005.

When a potential drug tunnel was discovered near where I live on the northern border in 2005, — the first and only, to my knowledge — Canadian and U.S. border patrol knew about it for months while it was under construction.

Border agents let the would-be smugglers complete the 360-foot project, haul over 100 pounds of marijuana to the entrance, and then arrested everyone involved on both sides of the border.

Several tunnels have been discovered along the southern border, as well. In 2019, tunnels are for dummies, not serious people.

But, to answer Rep. Crenshaw’s question, the answer is no. No, we cannot have a serious conversation about border security and the construction of any kind of wall because anything being debated in Congress and, therefore, by the media, quickly devolves into ridiculous back and forths about tunnels while nothing gets done.

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