Thursday, February 14, 2019

Actor Gary Sinise has spent years going above and beyond helping veterans and wounded warriors through The Gary Sinise Foundation, yet his efforts have virtually been ignored by his fellow Hollywood stars. That finally changed this week, when stars came together to pay tribute to Sinise in a touching video celebrating the 25 years it’s been since he played Lt. Dan in the 1994 film Forrest Gump.

Daily Mail reported that the video included tributes from Sinise’s fellow Forrest Gump star Tom Hanks as well as Tim Allen, Jay Leno, and Ron Howard. Various veterans that Sinise has helped over the years also took part in the video, which left the actor in tears.

“Your commitment, your dedication, you are awesome,” Howard said, with Leno also praising all the work he’s done to help servicemen and women in the armed forces.

“As you can see we’re in front of this beautiful house right now,” said one veteran helped by Sinise. “We wouldn’t have had it were it not for your kindness, graciousness and your wonderful gift giving.”

Sinise became visibly emotional as he watched the video.

“I’m in shock, who did that?” Sinise said through tears. “That makes me feel really good, thank you. I didn’t see that coming, oh my god.”

Hollywood has ignored Sinise until now because he’s conservative

If you’re wondering why Sinise was so shocked by this, it’s because the liberal world of Hollywood has almost totally ignored everything that he’s done for veterans over the years. Though Hollywood award shows regularly award actors for their philanthropic efforts, these awards typically go to actors fighting climate change or furthering other liberal causes. Since Sinise himself is a conservative, most members of Hollywood have no interest in rewarding him for anything, even though he’s done more to help veterans than anyone else in the entertainment industry today.

While we’re glad to see these few stars finally come around and give Sinise the pat on the back he deserves, we would like to see more Hollywood figures do the same. The cause of helping veterans could not be more worthy and is something that we should all be able to get behind. Let’s see more Hollywood stars lend their support to the Gary Sinise Foundation in the future!

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