Friday, February 15, 2019

Conservative activist Kaitlin Bennett recently went to the University of Akron to interview students about gun rights, and during her time there, she met a feminist who was triggered by her visit. This feminist thought that she could get the best of Bennett, but she ended up being dead wrong.

The feminist begins by heckling Bennett as she tries to talk to one of her fellow students. When Bennett approaches the feminist, she asks her why she is doing what she is doing. Bennett responds by saying that it’s her job to go around to college campuses and promote gun rights, pointing out to the feminist that as someone who is in favor of women’s empowerment, she should be in favor of her being able to express her views in this way. This really sets the feminist off, and she proceeds to try and preach to Bennett about how she should think about issues like gun rights and abortion.

As the feminist gradually loses her mind, Bennett stays calm and explains exactly why she thinks women need guns on college campuses. Since one in five women are sexually assaulted on college campuses, Bennett believes that female students need guns to protect themselves. Of course, the feminist does not have any argument against this, and instead just resorts to whining and name-calling to retaliate.

Things get even worse when they shift to talking about abortion. The feminist tells Bennett that she is “crazy” for being against abortion, to which she replies by questioning why it’s so crazy to be against murder. The feminist is so upset by this argument that she walks away having completely been owned and humiliated by the logic and reason from Bennett.

This video is a prime example of how enraged liberals become when they are confronted with logic and reason. Since the feminist has no facts to back up her opinions, she resorts to having a complete hissy fit and eventually runs away from the argument. We applaud Bennett for being brave enough to expose the ignorance of liberals in this way.

This is far from the only crazy interaction Bennett has had with liberals. Check out some of her best fights with leftists in the video below.

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