Monday, March 25, 2019

Fans everywhere are praying for Beth Chapman of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” fame as she continues to fight for her life in a battle with lung cancer. This week, Beth took to social media to post a touching message to her husband Duane Chapman that has given her fans new insight into how she is doing right now.

Last week, we reported that Beth had gone on the road with Duane and his son Leland to capture a fugitive in Arkansas. After their operation was a huge success, Beth took to social media to let the world know how much fun she had while also sending a message to her beloved husband.

“I’m very happy out here on the road with my honey, catching bad guys, making memories. Life’s [too] short to care about the background noise. All I hear is the music playing in my ear. I so love you, my darlin’, I know you’re worried about me but let’s just be real. I’m keeping up with you, Duane Lee Chapman. I know [you] know I’m gonna do whatever I want with the time we have left. We’re gonna go full throttle. Sick or not, here we come again!”

This comes four months after Beth, 51, was told that the lung cancer that she beat in 2017 had returned and that it is now “incurable.” Since then, Beth has been receiving chemotherapy treatment while also filming a new WGN reality television show with her husband called “Dog’s Most Wanted,” which will document her cancer journey as well as her continued participation in the family’s bounty hunting business.

Beth’s latest post shows that despite all that she has been through in the past few months, she is still in high spirits and is intent on enjoying as much time with her husband as she can. Anyone who knows anything about Beth knows that she is a tough lady who will not go down without a fight. If anyone can beat this aggressive cancer, Beth can, and we hope and pray that she has many years of happiness with her husband to come. We’re all pulling for you, Beth!

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