Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A family recently got a rude reminder of just how important it is to check a child’s meal before handing it to them.

Scot Dymond of Columbus, Wis. bought his 4-year-old son a Happy Meal at McDonald’s and didn’t think anything of handing the child the iconic box containing his meal without checking it. What happened next had the dad taking to Facebook to express his disappointment and concern over the chain’s lack of observant safety practices. The young boy had retrieved a cleaning blade, with the sharp razor exposed, from his Happy Meal box and was playing with it.

“My 4-year-old could have sliced his arm open or a finger off!!” Dymond wrote on a community Facebook page.

Unfortunately, when Dymond alerted local authorities in hopes to get to the bottom of how the razor got into anyone’s, let alone a child’s meal, they were informed that the instance is not all that uncommon.

razor mcdonalds happy meal

photo via Scot Dymond’s facebook

Unfortunate but fairly common

When asked about the razor incident, Columbus Police Chief Dennis Weiner told the local station WISC-TV that it’s “kinda scary, kinda scary. I understand the blade was also extended when it was found in the box as well. I don’t think anyone had ill intent.”

Dymond wrote in his post that he was told a similar incident had happened just three months earlier.

Dymond said he also let the managers at the McDonald’s where he bought the Happy Meal know about the accompanying razor and they confirmed that the razor is an instrument used for cleaning. They also apologized but made it known that those kinds of incidents do happen accidentally.

While fast food employees should certainly take more care minding in where things drop when they’re moving around in a fast-paced environment, it’s worth a reminder that as parents, we should always be checking things out before handing them to young children.

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