Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin has spent the past few years relentlessly bashing President Donald Trump and anyone who supports him. Now, this has all come back to bite him as he’s facing a lawsuit that is exposing the actor for who he really is.

Fox News reported that Baldwin is being sued by a man he allegedly assaulted in a parking dispute in November of 2018. Baldwin allegedly lost it on Wojciech Cieszkowski when the latter dared to park in a parking space that one of the actor’s family members was saving for him. After allegedly hitting Cieszkowski, Baldwin pled guilty to second-degree harassment and was forced to undergo anger management classes.

Now, Cieszkowski has filed a lawsuit against Baldwin in the Manhattan Supreme Court, going after the actor for his violent tantrum and for his “Saturday Night Live” impersonation of President Donald Trump.

“Like the man he plays on television, Alec Baldwin is an entitled celebrity with a long history of verbally and physically mistreating others he sees as beneath him,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit goes on to claim that Baldwin punched him in the jaw, with Cieszkowski saying that his “life has changed forever because he dared to park his car in a public parking spot on a public street that Mr. Baldwin apparently believed he owned.”

In addition, the lawsuit points out that Baldwin has lost his temper in public in this way in the past, saying, “Mr. Baldwin never faced meaningful accountability for his conduct.”

Since Baldwin has spent years claiming that Trump and anyone who supports him is mentally unstable, it’s particularly satisfying to see him be hit with a scandal like this one. Say what you will about Trump, but he’s never found himself embroiled in a violent situation like this one. Perhaps Baldwin should focus a little less on attacking those who have different opinions than him and a little more on controlling his own unhinged mental state.

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