Monday, April 15, 2019

While “The Family” vignettes on “The Carol Burnett Show” became the hallmark for what the show was known for, there were plenty of other gems in other skits.

In the “Tough Truckers” skit, Burnett’s character, a diner waitress called Sally, starts out being wooed by two boastfully divorced truckers, Pete and Hank, played by Harvey Korman and Tim Conway.

The two truckers brag about how happy they are with their divorces as they peruse their menu options. Who needs hearth and home or domesticity when you can be free and easy, Hank and Pete wonder cheerily.

“I’m Pete Harlan. I’m a loner and I like it,” Harvey Korman’s character declares before breaking down behind his menu.

“What’s wrong with you?” Hank demands in a low voice.

“I can’t help it,” Pete says. “I’m so lonely.”

“You gotta straighten up, for crying out loud. What’s the matter with you?” Hank responds, exasperated.

As Hank admonishes Pete for being a sissy and crying like a girl, someone turns on the jukebox…to his soon-to-be ex-wife’s favorite song, which sends Hank into a similar tailspin as Pete.

“Hey, turn that thing off or I’m gonna kick it in,” Hank blubberingly wails.

“Hank, don’t you remember what you just told me,” Pete reminds him through tears.

“Oh, shut up. Can’t you tell my heart is breaking,” Hank says as he heads to the jukebox to kick it, making it stop.

As Sally brings the food they’d ordered, the men decide they’re too broken up to eat and head out the door, leaving a befuddled Sally.

Turning to another waitress, she says in perfect “Carol Burnett Show” form, “You know I could fall for either one of those two lugheads. They just don’t take love seriously.”

Isn’t that always the way life turns out?

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