Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The family of Tim Conway, the beloved star of “The Carol Burnett Show,” has finally settled their dispute over his care as it’s been revealed that the 85-year-old actor is “unable to make his own health decisions.”

“Kelly Conway is very happy with the outcome after more than a year of fighting to keep her dad safe and sound,” a representative for Conway’s daughter told Fox News. “She is now allowed to see him and is permitted to meet him with Tim’s health care professionals.”

“She would like to thank her attorney Troy L. Martin, family, friends and the worldwide support she has received in the effort to give her dad the best care possible while making sure he is always surrounded by love,” the rep added. “She is looking forward to being an advocate in the future to ensure that children who are being denied access by a step parent to see an ailing parent is granted visitation.”

“My dad is the world to me, and I will never stop fighting to keep him safe… just as he has always done for me,” Kelly continued in a very brief statement.

Court documents state that Conway, who suffers from dementia, was found to be “unable to make his own health care decisions” and that his wife Charlene was subsequently appointed to be his conservator. Kelly initially agreed with this, but the dispute began back in August of 2018, when she alleged that her stepmother was “planning to move [Conway] out of the excellent skilled nursing facility he is currently at” and place him in a lesser quality home. At the time, Kelly said that Conway could not “properly provide for his personal needs for physical health, food and clothing” and was “almost entirely unresponsive.”

This has all come as very sad news to Conway’s fans, who still remember him as the funny guy who made them laugh for years on “The Carol Burnett Show.” 

We can only hope that this family dispute is over for good and that Conway can now find the peace that he deserves. Please keep Tim Conway in your thoughts and prayers.

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