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Motor vehicle accidents change peoples’ lives every day and on March 15, 2006, Hank Williams Jr.’s daughters, Hilary and Holly, were, unfortunately, two of them. As Hilary drove the two to their maternal grandfather’s funeral outside of Memphis, she lost control of the car and “flipped in the field four times.”

Both sisters were horribly injured and as Hilary explained in an interview about her new album, “Lucky Stars,” she would ultimately have over 30 surgeries to repair her broken collar bone, back, pelvis, right femur, as well as some ribs and both of her hips. She also sustained a ruptured colon. Holly suffered a broken arm and head injuries from going partially through the car’s sunroof.

“The scars on my body are God’s saving grace,” Williams, 40, said. “It was just very therapeutic for me to write the record and get the songs out. Actually, when I got in my car accident… my attorney was [in Los Angeles] shopping for me a record deal. So my music career got halted and it took five years for me to recover.”


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It wasn’t her time to go yet.

Thirteen years later, Williams is singing about her renewed appreciation for life after she died twice but it wasn’t her time to go.

“I was pronounced dead twice,” Williams recalled. “I flatlined, the first time, I went into cardiac arrest and I went up to heaven. I saw my grandfather Hank Williams and my grandmother Audrey and they were young and smiling and gave me a big hug. I saw other family members and friends. I came right back to earth and I woke up.”

During another surgery to fix a blood clot in her hip, Williams’ life nearly ended again.

“I didn’t have an experience then but they said I died again and came back,” she said. “I’m just so grateful I’m here and thankful. When we got in the wreck, I only was supposed to live for 20 minutes… I’d lost six pints of blood, and I’m also a Type 1 diabetic. I’ve had that for 32 years and I went to ketoacidosis when I was in the hospital. My blood sugar ran 500 for a week and that could have easily killed me.”

“I just I had so many factors against me so I know I’m definitely here for a purpose and a reason,” she continued.

Every day we get is a day to be thankful for, but nearly losing one’s life gives every extra day an added level of gratefulness. That Williams is able to come back and continue pursuing her music career as well as spend more time with her loved ones is a wonderful way to show her gratitude for life.

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