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Hollywood star John Cusack was just photographed sitting down during a tribute to the American troops at a Chicago Cubs baseball game. After the photos went viral, Cusack lashed out at the “MAGA f***s” he claims took the picture of him.

Daily Mail reported that Cusack was spotted sitting down at a Cubs-Phillies game at Wrigley Field when those watching the game were invited to stand for a “Boeing military salute.” Cusack, who is from Chicago, can be seen in the photo sitting down with a scowl on his face while everyone around him is standing.

The photo immediately went viral, with social media users slamming Cusack for disrespecting our nation’s troops.

“Shameful,” one person commented. “Those who have served defending our rights deserve the ultimate respect and the least we can do is give them a standing ovation.”

Cusack responded to the backlash by claiming that he later did stand up before going on a foul-mouthed tirade against Trump supporters.

“I stood up- just not on que – like an Obedient pet I made a film called war inc – watch that,” Cusack tweeted.

“I didn’t stand up for Boeing military salute – fast enough for some maga f*** – see?” he then added. “Don’t even have taste not to brand weapons company all over score board.”

This comes after Boeing, which makes weapons for the U.S. military, signed a $3 million deal with the Chicago Cubs to hold military salutes during games this year.

Unfortunately, the kind of disrespect that Cusack is showing our troops in this photo is typical of liberals these days. Since patriotism has gone out of style in the eyes of the left, they see no reason why members of our military should be given any respect at all. We can only hope that conservatives continue to give Cusack backlash for this sick display of disrespect against the American troops. Members of the U.S. military deserve better than this!

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