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There are few things more New York City than street food. Besides a slice of pizza, the other street food staple people think of is a hot dog. But, alas, NYC’s mayor, Bill DeBlasio, says New Yorkers and tourists alike will have to forego hot dogs in the city because he wants to ban them in order to fight climate change.

Uh. Huh.

How exactly is banning hot dogs going to “save the earth” from climate change? No one has an answer for that.

When asked the question by “Liberty Treehouse” affiliate Kaitlin Bennett, one man told her that he has no clue how banning hot dogs will combat climate change but in a perfectly ignorant response that partially explains the reason DeBlasio was elected mayor, thinks they should be banned if the mayor says so.


Who thinks getting rid of hot dogs is a good idea?

One younger man replied when asked a follow-up question — after initially answering that hot dogs should be banned — if he believes politicians know what’s best for everyone and he astoundingly replied with a short, “100 percent.”

Ummm. May we suggest a few History books, sir?

Thankfully, there were plenty of people who think hot dogs should still be sold. As one serviceman put it simply, “because they taste good.”

The good news is that at least for now, the only hot dog purchases banned by City officials are those made by the City government itself, which decided to stop buying “processed meats” because they think it will stop climate change. That means no pizza, either. And we thought school lunches couldn’t get worse after Michelle Obama got ahold of them!

But if you’re visiting the Big Apple, you can still get the famous Grey’s Papaya hot dog or New York City’s “dirty water dog” — a.k.a. Sebrett’s — for now, anyway.

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